Monday, 18 April 2016

New name new horizons

Hi guys

I decided to give Patchworkdelights a facelift and a name change.

I am now and you will find me over on Etsy as craftyfrogshop.

My blog is

Instagram @_craftyfrog

Facebook: Craftyfrog

So if you could bear with me while I get my blog sorted, but in the meantime, my Etsy shop is working as before just with a new name.

See you over at my other blog shortly.

Signing off from patchworkdelights!



Wednesday, 6 April 2016

For those of us with long hair

Those of you who know me face to face will very quickly understand why I put the title I did on this post.

I most definitely do NOT have long hair.  Shaved around the edges with a spike on top, actually I am contemplating having it longer on top (but still short if you know what I mean) and the shave around the back.... watch this space (bits nails nervously).

But I do make clips for the ladies from 0-100.  These went down very well at my last Christmas Fair and I have a craft fair this coming Saturday in Glasnevin so I thought I would add to my left over stock.

They are very simple to make, plenty of tutorials out there, no need I think for me to reinvent the wheel.  I think what's important is what you make with them from there.

I am getting more brave each time I make these.  I have now started adding "double" buttons.. check out the photos closely.

Ok back to work now.  Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Where has the time gone

Hi guys

NOVEMBER 2015??!!!

I have been so busy on Instagram that I have neglected my blog.  I decided on the recommendation of a mate to start blogging again.

I sort of stopped blogging simply because there are so many great blogs out there and I felt that I wanted to be one of those.  But I gave up because to be honest I am not that great at writing, it was always my weakest point in school, I enjoy reading but don't ask me to write an essay.  Some bloggers are so witty with their writings but not me, so I have decided that I will just be myself and not put on a fa├žade of being hip or funny, it's not me and it will show.

So where have I been?  Well my life has sort of been taken over by Scouting.  I am a beaver leader with a new scout group in my town and any of you who are also in Scouting will know how untrue this "one hour a week" line is.  But I am not complaining.  I really enjoy it. 

Sure how else would I turn up at Glendalough with my Section Leader on my day off (yesterday) and do an 8km hike....

We will be taking 14 kids up here later in the month and do the walk with them and camp overnight locally.  I am really looking forward for this.  It doesn't matter what the weather is like in Wicklow, it's always stunning.

Well another promise I made myself is to blog regularly but to keep it nice and short.

Hope you have all been keeping well!




Saturday, 7 November 2015

29th August was my lost post!? Seriously?

You know what the problem is though right? I blame Instagram, I can take a picture and like they say a picture paints a thousand words, which means I don't have to say too much... win-win!

I have just been busy working, in and out on the train.  I have been hanging out with the kids a lot and suddenly become fixated on cleaning the house, that is because we have a second doggy, another Cavailier who is peeing all over the place. So it's constant mopping.

I have also decided to redo our kitchen which is long overdue a makeover. 

I currently have an oven and extractor hood sitting in my sitting room, which will also be getting a re-jig.

Loads of plans now some action!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Crochet blanket makeover

Morning all from a bit of grey Dublin.

I have been meaning to write this post for a few days now and only now have gotten a chance to sit down and give it a go.

Apologies in advance for an overload of pictures but... sure that's what I love about blogs all the photos.

For those of you who follow my Instagram feed (@patchworkdelights) I posted this picture I'd say 3 months ago at least?  I didn't like it for the simple reason that it was crooked.  The rows weren't lining up right at all.  So I chucked it on the back of a chair just for colour purposes.

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a pounding headache, after sleeping it off, later that evening I was staring at the blanket, whilst lying on the sofa.  I thought I don't like you blanket, so let's try something else.

I started unravelling the edging, and saving yarn where I could, then I unpicked all the rows.

To say that there was bits of yarn all over the sitting room was a bit of an understatement.

It took a little while...

But I got there in the end.

Now I was left with loads of gorgeous granny squares. 

I started joining them together with cream yarn (stylecraft DK).

I used Attic24s method of joining grannies but to be on the safe side I used the pins to make sure the grannies were lined up properly.

I then added 3 rounds of treble clusters as a border followed by this edging here.  First attempt at this edging and I loved it, it moved very fast I have to say.

It took about a week, in between work and commuting and family etc but I got it done and I have to say I love the new version of this blanket much more than the original!  What do you think?  Isn't it much brighter, prettier and better aligned?

I have since found another way of joining grannies, which I will try on my son's blanket, but at the moment I am getting some patchwork orders out, but I will update you on his crochet blanket.  In the meantime, here is a link to the joining I will be trying out on the next blanket.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

It's been a while

Hi guys

Yes yes you are not imaging things, Fiona is writing a blog post!

But I feel like writing a post today to share with you some pictures of some crochet goodies.

I have made to date 3 granny blankets, one quite large, another medium and the last one baby size. 

Before I continue I need to tell you about a massive ball of wool that I picked up in a charity shop.  I go to the local charity shops in Dublin pretty much every day.  I went into a couple of shops that I hadn't been in before and there before my eyes was a HUGE ball of wool.  Holding my breath in anticipation I asked the sales assistant how much it would cost.  €2.50, SOLD!

I lugged it back home in the sweltering heat. My brain was going in overdrive trying to think what I was going to use it for.  I decided on a granny stripe blanket.


I printed off the granny stripe tutorial from Attic24, I practised as she suggests a couple of times and then went for it.  It is worth practising, it's not a difficult blanket but until you get the hang of it and you process it I would recommend trying it out first.

Progress shot
I was a bit worried that the ball wouldn't be enough for the whole blanket.  I ended up buying a large ball of "Arran". Lesson learnt - don't mix wool with Arran.  When I laid out my blanket to see how it was going, and to my dismay the blanket was starting to widen where the Arran was introduced, so I cut it out and went back to my original plan.  You see I thought I would be able to stretch out the grey by introducing another solid background.

The arran
I reckon I am about halfway.  It's quite wide and I want it to be a worthwhile size for an adult.

Finally I took about my balls of cotton and looked through one of my crochet books and randomly chose the pattern for making a "solid granny".

I have been getting a lot of compliments for this little blanket.  I have it in front of my now as I am in the process of adding another round of grey trebles. I need each granny to be a little bit larger.  I mean you can go as big as you like but I have decided to do 2 rounds of grey on each block and then join it.  I haven't tried jayg yet but I will....


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Happy Weekend!

Hello Ladies

Hope you have all been keeping well.

We have generally been well, except for the usual colds.  Just getting over a bit of a bad headcold myself, which resulted in me loosing my voice.  Fortunately for the family I found it again!

We had two birthdays in February, both boys celebrating another year.  They had a good time and so did we!

I haven't managed to get a huge amount done since my last post, because I've been tired at work.

But I really want to get this cot quilt done for my customer asap, but each weekend has been tied up with birthdays or Scout Training or something or other.

My customer wants a scrappy quilt, lots of pinks and purples.  So I am bearing that in mind, but I don't want to go OTT with the pinks and purples and when I had a quick look at the blocks I've done already I can see that I will have to lighten it a bit with some paler colours, otherwise it won't be relaxing enough to look at.

Whilst sitting at work typing, my mind wanders to other business ideas and I am going to follow up on my thread business.

This isn't a sales pitch it's just thoughts out loud.  I love this thread, it's the only one I use.

Some of my quilting pals that have purchased it have come back for more and have been very happy with it.  So I am to start small and hopefully build up a nice customer base. 

The most popular colours that I am asked for our white and cream, but I love dabbling in the colours too!

Look at that cerise! It's even prettier in reality.

Anyone, after spending the day in Scout Training, tomorrow there's a kiddies party, so around that I will have to get this quilt top at least made as a top and then quilt it during the week!

Have a good weekend everyone!

x Fi