Wednesday, 6 April 2016

For those of us with long hair

Those of you who know me face to face will very quickly understand why I put the title I did on this post.

I most definitely do NOT have long hair.  Shaved around the edges with a spike on top, actually I am contemplating having it longer on top (but still short if you know what I mean) and the shave around the back.... watch this space (bits nails nervously).

But I do make clips for the ladies from 0-100.  These went down very well at my last Christmas Fair and I have a craft fair this coming Saturday in Glasnevin so I thought I would add to my left over stock.

They are very simple to make, plenty of tutorials out there, no need I think for me to reinvent the wheel.  I think what's important is what you make with them from there.

I am getting more brave each time I make these.  I have now started adding "double" buttons.. check out the photos closely.

Ok back to work now.  Enjoy your day!


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